We are strong believers in creating content around the core values of your brand.

Our approach is simple - we will work with you to really understand what your company does, and then we will create engaging content that will bring the true heart and meaning of your company to the screen.

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Kamac are delighted to announce their capacity to film, package, livestream and host conferences, award ceremonies and panel discussions. We have the capacity to film and edit your events, in person or hybrid events. 

If you also require a high profile host we present talent including The Right Honourable Ken Macintosh , former Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament and Jackie Bird, journalist, broadcaster and anchor of BBC Reporting Scotland. 

Professional films

Promotional films are highly impactful and have an effect on purchasing decisions. Not only that, visual content is processed faster meaning you can convey more information in a shorter time. Kamac Productions can create promotional films that can be used in your marketing campaign.

Social Media Management

Incorporating videos into your online presence can really enhance the user experience. Whether you want a video to demonstrate your products and services, or a series of videos for your social media channels - we'll create engaging content that really showcases your brand.

Training videos

We create training videos that will engage your workforce on a visual level, that will help them remember and understand information. We have created training videos for clients from the corporate, financial and public sectors.


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